100 WONDERS of the WORLD
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Why Wonders of the World?

Travel broadens the mind! Seriously though, this website is purely a personal project, born of interest and nothing more. I enjoy travel, and noticed that there are not many websites which have simple, easy to access lists of the wonders which one can enjoy. So, I decided to make one!

Have you been to all these places?

No. I've been to about 75 % of them so far, which is a fair number I think you would agree! In time and as I continue to travel, I hope to see all the wonders included on this website.

Who took the photos on the website?

I took over half of them myself, on visits to the various wonders. A number have been provided by friends who have been places which I have not had the chance to visit yet, and a few more are public domain pictures.

How come X wonder is not included?

This is very much a subjective list, based on my own preferences. It's not called the "Top 100" wonders, only 100 Wonders.

Are the wonders in any particular order?

No, they are listed only in the order in which they occurred to me. However this does impose a rough order based on the impression that they made.

Where did you get your information?

A lot of the information on this site is from public sites like Wikipedia, and also from UNESCO.

Why are there not 100 wonders on the site?

I only work on this site as a hobby and in my spare time, bear with me, it will be finished eventually!